Digital Games Department

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Our Digital games programme was launched in 2015/16 and it aims to reflect trends in interactive digital media formats and help people understand how people play and make games while preparing students for work in and outside areas related to games. 

Subjects and courses students can attend fall into four categories:

  • Creation and Developement (creative process, project management, dev-ops, computer graphics, game design, programming, audio and music)
  • Distribution and Consumption (marketing, fandom, community management, competitive gaming, streaming and broadcasting)
  • Research and Reflection (communication studies, history of games and play, game ethics, critical analysis and game journalism)

Students and staff is also involved in broad range of extracurricular activities:

If you want to learn more about faculty and its members, head over here (site is only in slovak language, but free to contact any of the members – they all speak english ; )

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