Zrušenie výučby Dr. Krajčovič (30.9.)

Pondelková výučba (30. september 2019) Dr. Krajčoviča bude zrušená, a to zo zdravotných dôvodov. Oznam sa týka predmetov a študentov: media marketing – 2. Bc VZME (8.25 – 10.15 hod.) marketing – 1. Bc VZME (13.55 – 15.45 hod.) kreatívny ateliér PR I., kabinetné praktikum PR III., kabinetné praktikum PR V., kreatívny ateliér PR III. … Viac →

Our students created 6 unique games

Studying program Theory of Digital Games is not just the theory. A part of it deals with creation of digital games for real business. Students create games and gaming prototypes during so-called Game Jams. Game James have a set theme and limited time for a game creation. Real and playable games are sometimes created in … Viac →