Our students created 6 unique games

Studying program Theory of Digital Games is not just the theory. A part of it deals with creation of digital games for real business. Students create games and gaming prototypes during so-called Game Jams. Game James have a set theme and limited time for a game creation. Real and playable games are sometimes created in less than 48 hours.

1. Long Way to Home

Night is not ideal time for mushroom picking, is it? Playing Long Way to Home does not give You any other option but to go picking them. Your hunger makes You go mushroom picking and it will actually lead You to a giant fluorescent mushroom. You eat it and then… It is not that easy to find a way home. The mushroom was not just a usual mushroom. Your phone is charged on 15% only. Will You make it back home?

2. RainMaker

Once the theme of a Game Jam is ‘Weather Whispering’, the Indian ritual of rain whispering cannot be missed. RainMaker is a rhythmical game for virtual reality where the shaman teaches You how to use the drums in order to successfully call the rain to come. The theme of the game is unique and thanks to original shaman comments funny, too.

3. Egg Time

Do You remember good old Russian video game Well, just You wait! (Nu, Pogodi!)? If You do, the game Egg Time will seem to be familiar to You, too. The only difference is that the game is no longer black-and-white and 2D. The eggs are to be caught vi virtual reality tools and Your catching game will get even more interesting thanks to bombs dropping.

4. Trash Time

Have You ever wanted to be WALL-E, the animated robot from that cartoon movie? The game Trash Time created thanks to virtual reality tools will make it possible and at the same time, it will teach You that recycling can be both beneficial for the planet and funny, too.

5. CO-OP

The proverb ‘There are few things more powerful than people united.’ is applicable for both, the real life and Game Jams. It is true for the game CO- OP, too. In this game created thanks to virtual reality tools a player can play with two game personas at the same time. The personas have to help one each other in order to succeed in the tasks and make it to the next level.

6. Hands of Justice

National Council of Slovak republic. No tolerance for bribery. All the corrupted politicians have been replaced by robots. What would it be like? The game created by the team TEDI Games may give us the answer. It took them 48 hours only.