Students made a video that calls public’s attention to issues of media education

Students of MassMedia communication at FMK UCM in Trnava created a unique video.

Students of MassMedia communication at FMK UCM in Trnava created a unique video where they brought to attention the need to rethink the usage of mobile phones and social networks. The video was created as their common trimester leaving project for subject Media education.

The main aim is to remind us, the public, the need for media literacy development and the knowledge of media. ‘Students were given a simple task – let’s make something that will bring the attention to issues of media literacy. Their choice was to create a video for a song. The result clearly shows what students can do when they get a free hand to create whatever.’ explains Monika Prostináková Hossová, the lecturer of subject Media Education. ‘On daily basis, I meet people who seem to recognize their telephone as an inseparable part of their body. From time to time when I see someone just standing on a bus stop waiting for a bus I find myself to be truly overwhelmed by this simple no-phone related act. Staring blankly into phone, people tend to loose a sense of reality. Their body is present but their mind is gone.’ claims the singer who is at the same time the author of lyrics, Andrej Majerčík.

The video was made by students of the 1st degree of master’s studies at FMK UCM in Trnava, Lukáš Patrik and Marcel Nagy. Costumes were brought by Dominka Škerková. ‚I guess that people loose certain human bond; everyone seems to live in a different, isolated universe. I created the song to drag the attention to the fact that just like fire… A mobile phone that is a good servant, has become a bad master, though; it is a ruler that regulates most of our free time. And it could be so simple to avoid the issue; it would suffice to use modern technologies wisely.’ stated A. Majerčík