Elementary school students took part in workshop on school magazines creation

FMK faculty invited young journalists to help them increase the quality of their school magazines. 

School magazines are about journalism but not only about that. It comprises of various columns such as hobbies, school success, culture ones. There are interviews with the teachers or successful town personalities. In some magazines, You might find, even nowadays, so called ‘apology notices’ which a student may use to excuse themselves in case they have forgotten about homework or have not studied to be orally examined. School magazine is created by student for students but not only for them. Parents tend to read it, too.

On the 29th of May, the Faculty of MassMedia Communication in Trnava organized a daily workshop for six school magazine editorial offices from all parts of Slovakia. The main aim was to perfect student’s skills for the purpose of superb school magazines creation. For some pics, click here .