Prihlás sa na online workshop pre mladých novinárov na tému lokálnej žurnalistiky

The future of the European Union also hinges on the future of its democratic public sphere. Local journalism plays a vital role in this. For even as communication increasingly transcends national media landscapes  due to transnational problems such as climate change and the growing importance of Facebook, YouTube and Netflix, local journalism remains a central cornerstone of democracies.

After all, it is often through local reporting that the global becomes specific, that people learn about the concrete impact of abstract developments, that the powerful become relatable – and accountable. Today, the wide-ranging disruption of media and journalism has hit local journalism hard, causing massive economic pressures. Media diversity is shrinking, rendering reporting increasingly one-dimensional and under-funded.

  • How is Covid19 experience changing journalism?
  • What business models are there for regional quality journalism?
  • How can we raise awareness for the value of journalism?

Against this background, this year’s M100YEJ workshop will focus on the future of journalism in a global world and aim to produce concrete strategies for sustainable, innovative local journalism in a global world. Join the workshop, it is free.

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