Department of Marketing Communication

The Department of Marketing Communication is the largest and one of the profile departments at the faculty. Lecturers working at the department are experts in the fields of marketing, marketing communication, economic theory, management of advertising and marketing agencies, and digital marketing. The department also includes recognized external lecturers working in advertising and digital agencies, such as PS: Digital, TRIAD Advertising, or Ponyhouse.


As part of the education, the members of the Department of Marketing Communication provide staff with almost all subjects of the study programme Marketing Communication in Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral degree. They also teach courses focused on marketing and marketing communication in study programmes Mass Media Communication, Media Relations, Theory of Digital Games and Applied Media Studies. As component of the education process, the department actively cooperates with practice:

  • cooperation with advertising and digital agencies (Wiktor Leo Burnett Academy, dotcom, Glidy);
  • cooperation with Google Slovensko (engaging Google trainers into educational process and arranging regular events – Grow with Google x FMK);
  • cooperation with ADMA (lectures, consultations and professional mentoring of graduation theses with experts from membership agencies);
  • cooperation with KRAS (lectures at conferences);
  • cooperation with SIEA (realization of hackathon, project ClusterFY),
  • cooperation with Talentway Academy (implementation of project teaching and design thinking methods into the educational process and organization of common hackathons with partners from practice).

Scientific-research activities

At present, the scientific-research activities of the Department of Marketing Communication focus primarily on solving problems related to the application of communication activities of business entities in the digital environment in the context of the implementation of social media and portable electronic devices. Emphasis is put on the environmental aspects and sustainability of the proposed measures in order to improve the current state of the entrepreneurial environment.

Members of the department participate in several grant projects of national and international importance in expanding and deepening not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge and skills in the field of media marketing and product promotion in the market environment. At the same time, they analyze the possibilities of purposefully influencing customer purchasing behaviour and building long-term mutually beneficial trade relationships. The most important research findings are subsequently published for the general professional public through scientific monographs, university textbooks, scholar works and studies in journals and proceedings registered in globally recognized databases.

The presentation of the achieved results at international scientific conferences and professional forums can be taken for granted. Members of the department are active in various professional associations supporting the development of the study field Media and Communication Studies – Czech Marketing Society, POPAI (Česká marketingová společnost, POPAI). At the same time, some are members of scientific boards at renowned publishers specializing in issuing scientific and professional literature (Wolters Kluwer), editorial boards of scientific journals indexed in prestigious databases or members of organizing committees of international conferences orientated to marketing and media.

The department is the organizer of the international scientific conference Marketing Identity. It is an important renowned event with a long tradition, which is attended by domestic and foreign experts from academia, but also from practice. The members of the department also arrange the popular student event called Week of Science and Technology – Týždeň vedy a techniky.

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