Department of Digital Games

The Department of Digital Games (TEDI) covers the first comprehensive field dealing with digital games and game studies in Slovakia and is one of the first in Europe. It offers a balanced education in the field of game studies, mass media and marketing with an emphasis on theory and practice in the field of digital games. In addition to qualified teachers, teaching is also provided by field experts. The department organizes the Unicon game festival.


The aim of the department is to form future experts in the field of digital games at both theoretical and practical level. Graduates of the field of digital game theory possess a wide range of knowledge from various scientific disciplines – first, from the field of digital games development and game studies, and second, from the field of media studies, mass media and marketing communication, extended by specific subjects of the study program.

Graduates can find a job in the field of development, production and marketing of digital games (graphic designer, script editor, director, project manager, or managerial posts in the production, promotion and distribution of digital games), in the field of digital game theory (in case you decide to continue working in the academic field) and in the field of mass media and marketing practice (various positions within classic or digital advertising agencies, implementation of game elements and games themselves into marketing communication, etc.). A graduate of the digital games theory study program can work in several branches of the gaming industry.

Game theorist / Journalist

Theory-oriented courses provide a basis for well-founded work in the field of game journalism and provide a basis for further deepening of knowledge, participation in research projects and possible academic career in game studies which can be further developed through doctoral studies directly at the faculty, or abroad.

Generalist / Game Development Specialist

The study program provides prerequisites for gaining a basic awareness of the functioning of individual specializations (programming, graphics, animation and sound) which is necessary for work in the field of DevOps or testing, but the door is left open to the development of so- called T-shaped specialization in any selected area which the student may individually address within project-oriented courses and associated activities focused on game development. The program, unlike specialized fields, does not require prior knowledge in these areas.

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Community / Event / Social media manager

The combination of courses from the field of media (design, photography, video, streaming) and marketing (campaigns, social networks), which is part of the study program creates conditions for meeting specific requirements in the field of building and managing gaming communities as well as conditions for a wide range of job opportunities in the rapidly growing segment of game marketing, while most of them can also be applied outside the game segment.

E-sports manager / Coach / Professional player

The program provides opportunities for individual skills development not only in the field of development but also gaming itself, which is one of the career opportunities for students who want to further develop in this area. The faculty has e-sports teams and its students actively participate in the organization of game events and the development of electronic sports in various positions based on their preferences and abilities.

Careers outside the gaming industry

In addition, the study program provides valuable knowledge applicable outside the gaming industry since gaming mechanics are present in almost every area of the digital and traditional world, and knowing them provides a competitive advantage to companies that want to draw and keep their customers.

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